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Who Do You Think You Are? Personality Types of Realtors & Clients

People are unique! Everyone’s personality guides how they react to the world around them and more importantly- how they interact with others. This class provides an introduction to YOUR personality type. You learn how to recognize the personality types of your clients, agents, lenders and others! LEARN how to engage clients and others with language that is most effective given their personality type. Meaningful conversations translate to easier transactions! Ready to find out who you are and elevate your communication skills? Then this class is for you! [2 Hours]

Avoid Tragedy-Post COVID Options Forbearance, Mods & Short Sale

Have a client facing Foreclosure or simply behind on their mortgage? True Real Estate professionals know that foreclosure is not always in the client’s best interest. Covid-19 and the CARES ACT bring certain protection and options to borrowers. License holders MUST understand these options in order to effectively counsel clients about their mortgage, forbearance, loan modification, and short sales. Take this class so that you have the absolute latest information on these topics – so that you can confidently act as a trusted resource! [2 Hours]

Get Your Unfair Share of Referrals…Get them from Everyone

Want to learn how top real estate agents generate referrals as a part of their daily activities? Learn from the Referral Master, Himself as he teaches you how he generated 2,000 referrals! These methods are simple direct, predictable, and designed FOR real estate! Also, we teach a system that put referrals on autopilot that generates more referrals and more repeat business than ever before from past and current clients. [1 Hour]

Where did Yesterday Go? Get Your Life Back with EZ Time Management

Who is going to eat your time tomorrow? What can you do about it? When it comes to time management - How a balanced "meal" can literally stop you from getting your figurative "lunch" eaten! Without time management, your practice suffers, the industry suffers and client experiences suffer. Learn the time management plans & techniques of highly rated Realtors® to give their clients the best experiences possible. Take this class and regain control of your time! Learn effective, simple strategies you can implement TODAY to create more time for the things you enjoy ! [ 1 Hours ]

Weird, Wild, Whispered, and Wired Homes

This is a class that pertains to listing agreements. It pertains to taking buyers on showings. It pertains to a contract to the contracts that we use every day. The one-to-four family contract. It's a quick one-hour button class with lots of information that you're going to use. Take this class before you: go on a listing appointment, take on a buyer, and when you write a contract! [1 Hour]


Professional sales is becoming a lost art; often replaced with manipulation and coercion techniques in far too many fields- The opposite approach is a far too passive sales agent! Achieve balance with buyers and sellers by learning the ART of ACTIVE SELLING! Professional Realtors bring honor to their trade by using the techniques & tips instructors will teach in this course. Take ACTION and learn ACTIVE SELLING today because everyone knows: MORE SALES = MORE $ = BETTER LIFE ! [1 Hour]

Choosing the Wrong Home Inspector Jeopardizes Your Closing

This course explains the difference between what a Home Inspector MUST and CAN inspect. You can continue to trust TREA to teach the statutes of the Texas Administrative Code in a clear, concise way so you can easily put this clear knowledge into practice on your next transaction. Learn exactly what a home inspector MUST from Could, Should, Might to save your next closing! [1 Hour]

Closing Issues? Understand Insurance in Simple English

This course explains a bunch of boring insurance stuff in a way that really fascinates you (safeguarding your next closing) so you learn complicated topics with ease! We will debunk myths, superstitions and common misperceptions about homeowner's insurance policies. Learn tips and tricks about the claims process and why claims don't always get paid. Taught by Farmer's Insurance University Graduate, celebrated author and Rockstar Insurance Agency Owner: David Offutt.[1 Hour]

5 Mistakes Inspectors Make Causing Your Home to Fail Inspection

Five mistakes inspectors make causing your home to fail inspection. Think about your dream listing that changed to a nightmare overnight. The option period is ticking: tick, tick, tick, tick, and what happens next? The contract falls apart. Why? Take this class and learn how to avoid the nightmare. [1 Hour]

Uninsured Homes: When Insurance Will Jeopardize Your Closing

License holders tell us how frustrating it is to think that their hard work of listing, showing, negotiating could be jeopardized! We have all heard of license holders that have has a closing lost or even risked because of the wrong type of insurance, incorrect value being requested by loan underwriting. Insurance agent or other vendors Overinvolvement. Learn how to avoid risking your next closing – and stop the insurance company from jeopardizing your next closing with knowledge, and often times boundaries, in the next real estate transaction. [1 Hour]

Realtors Uninsured: Almost all Realtors® Drive Uninsured Daily!

Why does your broker require you to list them as ‘Additional Insureds’ on your car insurance?  They don't?  Read on... it doesn't even matter, you are still uninsured while you practice real estate... Learn what it means when your broker DOES require that 'Additional Insured' clause, and why actually increases your risk while providing no additional coverage benefit to the broker!   Learn why your insurance agent might have made this same mistake on His policy, too.  before you get angry with your broker and insurance agent, I teach these classes to both, they never even knew! Take this class, and I'll show you how one simple phrase to remedy these things for a couple of dollars in your current policy! [1 Hour]

What Every Agent MUST know about the 2020 Contract Changes

These are the most Recent changes in the contracts. These 2020 TREC contract changes do effect you in 2021... And this is a great Class! Don't want to learn about the contract changes the hard way? Great, then learn what changes, will effect YOU in 2021 from MICHELLE STUART!! [1 Hour]

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