5 Mistakes Inspectors Make Causing Your Home to Fail Inspection

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Explore the nuances of home inspections with, "Inspector Mistakes" by David Offutt. Gain insights into common pitfalls that could lead to inspection failures. Texas Real Estate Academy empowers you to understand and navigate inspection processes effectively. Elevate your knowledge, secure your property, and ensure a smooth home inspection experience.

Five mistakes inspectors make causing your home to fail inspection.  Think about your dream listing. The option period is ticking:  tick, tick, tick, tick, and what happens next? The contract falls apart.  Why? Overreporting... Learn why some of the new home inspectors are trying to save the world by pointing out the homeowner's receding, hairline. This thing got so ugly so fast.  We all got stuck and everybody's running away. So how could you have prevented this and schedule some release? How are you going to schedule some relief?

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Inspector Mistakes