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Welcome to the ultimate Texas Real Estate School experience! We're revolutionizing Continuing Education. 

Forget the bad voiceovers & boring content; we offer a lively, engaging video,

and game-based approach to real estate education that you won't find anywhere else.

NEW!! We now post Completed CE INSTANTLY to TREC !!

New!! Courses Instantly Posted to TREC!

NEW!! We now post Completed CE INSTANTLY to TREC !!

Real estate school instructor happy to teach.

Who's TREA for?

Real Estate School for Agents

 ...love us because we kick the boring out of compliance. Learning is now FUN & fast-paced with education that takes your time seriously!

A real estate school for Brokers

...love us because we’re a trusted resource for your agents. When you send them here, they’ll learn the most important & current information, saving you time & money.

Real Estate School for Instructors

Welcome to a real estate school that's all about empowering new instructors like you. Here, you'll find a dynamic platform that that assist you in writing fast-paced and engaging CE courses. 

Rave Reviews From our Texas Academy Award Winners!!!

Testimonials from Real Estate students in the real estate school that they love

How It Works

Try the best Real Estate School for FREE TODAY!

Claim your 2 FREE CE hours to see for yourself - CE can be lively, engaging & useful.  Claim your free CE class to experience what a professional production studio dedicated to quality edutainment creates.

Your eyes, ears, and brain will thank you.

Your Real Estate School, Your PACE

We get bored too!  And we want to do CE when and where we want, Too!
TREA is replacing boring CE hours with studio-quality video and game-based learning.  You can binge-watch your classes or pace yourself between appointments.  Your CE hours will fly by, and we will post your credit instantly!

Relax, with a glass of wine on a rainy day... or whenever!

This Real Estate School is Obsessed with YOU!

 Endlessly on the hunt for great tech and learning techniques that make learning and TREA easy to navigate!  So when we have to choose between cool & fun, and easy to navigate... We choose both!
Oh, and did you see our refund policy in the footer?  It's pretty much no questions asked!
You will be able to get ALL your CE online, affordably and faster, and easier than you thought!

Instant CE posting to TREC!

The Real Estate School with a FREE Class

2-Hour Personality Profile class offers:

  • Learn your personal Superpower!
  • ... how to Remedy 80% of personality conflicts
  • Get 2 free CE Credits. ... And more!

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NEW!! We now post Completed CE INSTANTLY to TREC !!

New!! Courses Instantly Posted to TREC!

NEW!! We now post Completed CE INSTANTLY to TREC !!