Closing Issues? Understand Insurance in Simple English

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Unravel the complexities of real estate closings with our course, "Closing Issues? Understand Insurance in Simple English" by David Offutt. Gain a clear understanding of insurance in the real estate context, simplified for easy comprehension. Texas Real Estate Academy empowers you to navigate closing issues with confidence. Elevate your knowledge and ensure a smooth and informed real estate transaction experience.

You will understand how to avoid the most common mistakes by home insurance companies and agents.  This well-made video class shows how to recognize trouble brewing & how to pull your next closing out of hot water.

Written and taught by Fort Worth's top-rated insurance agent, published author, David Offutt.   You will learn why David is the Realtor® goto for stump-the-chump questions, as he shows you the tale-tell signs of a closing issue.   You will then learn how to halt those issues (like when an insurance agent is about to 'accidentally' get involved in the real estate transaction) and how to quickly halt those issues.

This course explains a bunch of boring insurance stuff, but in a way that really relates to the License Holders, safeguarding your next closing so you will learn this otherwise boring complicated topic with ease!

Take the class today to learn a lifelong skill in an hour!

Closing Issues