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Firstly, it's important to note that people are unique! Everyone's personality not only guides how they react to the world around them but also how they interact with others. In this Free Real Estate Course, we don't just give you an introduction to YOUR personality type — that's merely our starting point. Initially, you'll receive your own DISC profile. Afterward, we shift our focus to other personality types. Moreover, we'll teach you how to recognize the personality types of your clients and fellow agents.

Subsequently, we offer you an invaluable tool for every transaction! This guide will elucidate why personalities manifest in specific ways. Then, you'll learn how to engage clients using language tailored to their personality type. Consequently, you'll find that meaningful conversations lead to smoother transactions.

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During this 2-Hour Credit, you'll hear from Dr. Phillip Shero, an expert, author, speaker, and DISC-certified psychologist. He will comprehensively answer every question about personalities in real estate transactions. With this newfound knowledge, you'll be equipped to swiftly resolve over 75% of personality-based disputes!

Real Estate will undoubtedly improve if all Brokers & License Holders take this free course. Therefore, for a limited time, we're offering it at no cost. Additionally, wouldn't it be great if we could get CE credit for all of our spouses too?

Are you ready to discover your true self and positively impact the Real Estate world? Do you want to elevate your communication skills and eliminate personality conflicts in negotiations?

If so, this Free Real Estate Course is unquestionably for you!

Dr. Philip Shero gets awar for Free Real Estate Coures class on Personality

The FREE 2-Hour CE course has a very special interview with Dr. Phillip Shero discussing questions about the personality types of and situations you have seen over and over in Real Estate transactions.   In this photo, Dr. Shero is receiving the Texas Real Estate Academy Award.  Take this class now!