Part 1: Expert Mode Activation for TREC Addendums in 60 minutes! (Contract)

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Expert Mode 1: Mastering TREC Contracts

Understanding TREC Contract 1 is a cornerstone in Texas real estate. Broker Michelle Stuart brings her decades of experience into this 3-part video series, focusing on the essentials you need to know.

Immediate Benefits of TREC Contracts

Each course is a one-hour CE module. Whether you need one, two, or all three hours for your CE requirements, we have you covered. You'll gain actionable insights and skills that you can apply in your next real estate transaction involving a TREC contract.

Course Content

  • Third Party Financing: Navigate the complexities of third-party financing.
  • Right to Terminate Due to Lender's Appraisal: Know your rights and options when appraisals fall short.
  • Seller's Temporary Residential Lease: Learn the dos and don'ts for sellers in temporary lease situations under TREC guidelines.
  • Buyer's Temporary Residential Lease: Master temporary leases as a buyer within the framework of TREC contracts.
  • "Back-up" Contract: Craft effective back-up contracts in compliance with TREC guidelines.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is designed for Texas License Holders and satisfies the TREC contract requirement for license renewal after February 1, 2021. It's ideal for both newcomers and seasoned brokers.

Why Choose Michelle Stuart for TREC Contracts Content?

Michelle is more than just a broker; she's a seasoned professional. Her engaging teaching style simplifies complex topics related to TREC addenda, making her one of the best instructors in the field.

Flexible Course Format

The course modules are designed for one-hour segments, fitting easily into your busy schedule. Plus, the course is available online 24/7, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Instant Updates from series : TREC Contracts

One of the best features is the instant posting to your Real Estate Education History, facilitating immediate license renewal. Don't wait; elevate your understanding of contracts today!

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Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of contracts. With instant updates and a flexible format, this course is the perfect solution for busy professionals looking to renew their license.

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Michelle Stuart explaining TREC Addendums in Part 1 of the video series