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Commission-Saving Contracts: An Expert-Led Course

Discover Key Contracts in Real Estate

Join Michelle Stuart, an expert broker, and David Offutt, Head of Texas Real Estate Academy, for a deep dive into commission-saving contracts. You'll explore crucial agreements like buyer's representation and MLS listing. These are key for effective broker representation and protecting commissions.

Earn Credits While Learning Commission Protection

In this course, you'll earn 2 hours of contract credit. Moreover, you'll learn strategies to safeguard your earnings. Michelle's expertise, combined with David's educational insights, creates a unique and engaging learning environment. Additionally, the course's interactive format makes learning both fun and effective.

Engage with Interactive Quizzes

Michelle leads quizzes on each contract section, ensuring active participation. Consequently, this approach helps you understand complex topics in a simpler way. It's designed to make learning accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge.

Real Estate Education Made Easy

Our courses aim for clarity and practicality. We present content that's easy to understand, targeting an 8th-grade reading level. As a result, all attendees, no matter their background, can apply the knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Advance in Your Career with Our Courses

Enhance your skills and protect your commissions with our specialized courses. They offer practical knowledge in a format that's both enjoyable and educational. Furthermore, registering now will elevate your understanding of real estate contracts and boost your career.

At Texas Real Estate Academy, we are dedicated to top-tier real estate education. Our courses cater to both newcomers and experienced professionals, offering growth and advancement opportunities in the industry. Thus, joining us means taking a significant step forward in your real estate journey.

Contract Killer Course Innovative Real Estate Education at Texas Real Estate Academy

Join industry veterans Michelle Stuart, a seasoned broker, and David Offutt, the Head of Texas Real Estate Academy,  Where you will always have a great experience.  We feel so strongly we put our insane refund policy.