NEW! Who Do You Think You Are? Personality Types of Realtors; Clients


Limited Time Only! This Class is Free! click to claim your FREE 2-Hour-CE! Learn about Yourself in a Free Real Estate Course! Firstly, it’s important to note that people are unique! Everyone’s personality not only guides how they react to the world around them but also how they interact with others. In this Free Real…

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Get Your UNFAIR Share of Referrals…Get them from Everyone

In this class, I will show you exactly how I have generated almost 2000 referrals! I will tell you everything I’ve learned about how to receive referrals. Your practice will receive more referrals by applying this class to your practice. Learn real how-tos from me today as I compress the content I’ve learned over a…

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Uninsured Homes: When Insurance Will Jeopardize Your Closing

License holders tell us how frustrating it is to think that their hard work of listing, showing, negotiating could be jeopardized!  We have all heard of license holders that have has a closing lost or even risked because of the wrong type of insurance, incorrect value being requested by loan underwriting.   Insurance agent or other…

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Professional sales is becoming a lost art;  often replaced with manipulation and coercion techniques in far too many fields- The opposite approach is a far too passive sales agent! Both types of sales styles can be irritating or confusing to buyers and sellers. Achieve balance with buyers and sellers by learning the ART of ACTIVE…

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Weird, Wild, Whispered, and Wired Homes

This is a class that pertains to listing agreements. It pertains to taking buyers on showings. It pertains to a contract to the contracts that we use every day. The one-to-four family contract. It’s a quick one-hour button class with lots of information that you’re going to use. Take this class before you: go on…

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Where did Yesterday Go? Get Your Life Back with EZ Time Management

Who is going to eat your time tomorrow? What can you do about it?  When it comes to time management –  How a balanced “meal” can literally stop you from getting your figurative “lunch” eaten!  Without time management, your practice suffers, the industry suffers and client experiences suffer. Learn the time management plans &  techniques…

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