TREA Enrollment Agreement

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TREA Enrollment Agreement

You will be glad to know that our distance education (online) courses are available to you 24 hours per day. online Students will have access to Qualified Education for 365 days. Enrollment Agreement, If for some reason the student cannot access the course because of system, power, or other failures the student will need to inform TREA so we can extend the course end to accommodate failure on the end of TREA and TREA's vendors. This adjustment will reflect the period equal to the time when students could not access the course.

Students assume full responsibility for the equipment, systems related to accessing the course online. Students also acknowledge that internet failure outside of the control of TREA could occur from time to time.

Conference Center (live) schedule will be according to the dates and times published by TREA and confirmed by your purchase.

Completion Requirements

You must complete 100% of the coursework content, achieve 70% or better on the final exam, and fulfill all tuition obligations to TREA for successful completion and credit. Students are eligible to take the final exam twice within 90 days of completion of coursework content. The second attempt is only available if the student does not get 70% or better in the first attempt. Both the attempts at our Final Exam are required within 90 days of the coursework completion.

Final Exam

The final exam will be electronically proctored to receive credit. TREA Uses our own proctoring system or that of partners. You will find these on the website and all proctoring fees are included in the tuition. The final exam is closed-note/closed-book, and proctored. Should you miss your final exam in the Seminar classes, you will be eligible to take your final exam on the TREA website, Those fees were included in your original tuition.

Tuition & Refund

The total cost of the course is stated at the time of purchase.

TREA pre-licensing is refundable to the student if the course is not completed and within 60 days of purchase. Failing the state exam. If you fail the state exam twice within 60 days of completing your pre-licensing courses, you are eligible for a refund. Please email a photo of your two failed attempts to for a refund.

TREA CE refund is pretty much no questions asked. You must have paid for a class and requested a refund within 90 days of purchase. Partial refunds are also honored. If you upgrade your bundle let us know we will refund the difference.

In the event of course cancelation, due to virus, other civil/government/environmental action, or force majeure, TREA will grant students access to 24/7 online content with no additional fees, when reasonable. In the event that a course is canceled or other liability including negligence or permanent failure of TREA or third-party vendors, students agree to accept a refund of the full tuition of the course as the sole remedy and release TREA from all claims.

CE Refund Policy

You must have purchased a continuing education course for any refund.  Students must request a refund within 90 days.  The student who upgrades bundle, or purchased a class twice, is eligible for a  partial refund for up to 2 years.

State Exam.

You must schedule the licensing exam according to TREC Rules.  Information about that exam is HERE.  You must retake the content to be eligible to take the final again

Makeup & Attendance Procedures

You must attend 100% of your Conference Center classes. Instructors may not grant credit for late-arriving students, early departures, or partial attendance students. Should a student not complete some or all of a Conference Center (live) class day, that student will be eligible to use the distance education (online) version at no cost for 30 days following the missed course date. Attendance for Conference Center class sections attendance will be available for student review in the Distance Education (online) version.

Criminal or other background histories

TREC has changed the name from ‘moral character determination’ of license holders to ‘Fitness Determination’.   You may request that the Commission review your history before turning in your application for licensure. See TREC article What is a Fitness Determination for details.  You can start that process HERE with this form: Fitness Determination.

Copyright, Trademark, and TREA’s Proprietary Rights

All content in the courses is the intellectual property of Texas Real Estate Academy, including but not limited to images, quizzes, exams, video, icons, logos, graphics, data, audio, video. Courses and/or content are not transferable from student to student, are not assignable, and are the retained property of Texas Real Estate Academy.

Security & Identity Validation

TREA owns the proctoring systems on our website. TREC requires learners registered for the course as the student completing this course. Students affirm with this agreement that they are completing their own content for themselves. Failure to do your own content or might delay or revoke course completion, affect your ability to pass the course, and violate TREC rules.

Students understand any attempt to circumvent the online content is a violation of TREC rules and subject to delays and or denials of course completion credit. Any attempt to delude this course and hours may cause delay or revocation of Course Completion, fees, and forfeiture of tuition for the course.

Students agree and understand that TREA may include using third-party databases (relating to driver's licenses, DMV records, credit information, housing history, and other information containing student’s individual data) to confirm the identity of the student to TREA, at the expense of TREA. TREA may ask students to provide a notarized statement of identity, (at the expense of the student) if requested by TREA.


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