Legal Update 2 | Chapter 5 | RESPA Compliance | Interactive 1

Legal Update 2 | Chapter 5 | RESPA Compliance | Interactive 1

Howdy Texas Real Estate Academy Students!

TREC requires we have few interactive learning module. 

Texas Real Estate Academy has chosen to build the interactive section of our distance education, in a way that most closely mimics live classroom breakout sections.

Here is the game plan for these sections:

We challenge you while keeping the content interesting as we present you mixture of:
– Case Studies
– TREC Public Proceedings
– Games and Puzzles

To enliven the learning and reinforce concepts, we have you answer the questions, then peer review other students.
First you, answer open ended questions from the content we just covered.
Next, you review, respond and rate answer of your fellow students.

You are allowed to revise, review, add additional facts to you answer, even if you proceeded to the next question.

You may offer an ‘up-vote’ for the answer of colleagues’ answer that you appreciated. You are encouraged to favorite the answer that you learned the most from or were the clearest and most concise and convincing.

Countdown Timer
The same timer will follow you through the content, Q&A, and the peer review.

You may work on this exercise as long as you want. However, you cannot proceed to the next chapter until the timer reaches zero.

If you leave this session, the timer will remember and start at the same time you had remaining.