Hall Pass

'Hall Pass' Renewal Bundle

Everything in Lunch Money Plus.....

Legal Update 1 & 2 + 3 Hours of Contract + 7 Hours of Elective CE = Renewal Bundle

You were skipping class to neck with your sweetheart behind the bleachers and you spot it!! 

The Hall Pass!  With the Hall Pass you instantly have the fastest, most interesting classes.  You seem to have all the luck, get the cool teachers and best classes.  So, you can chill and cruise!

Everything you need for renewal is in Hall Pass! Legal, Contracts, the personality class, and all the best electives! and a HUGE DISCOUNT Yes, your wallet is COOL too!! 

18 Hours of CE

Was $134.82
Now Only $75.00! - You Save 37% 

Your Bundle Includes:

  • Closing Issues? Understand Insurance in Simple English
  • Get Your UNFAIR Share of Referrals...Get them from Everyone
  • Legal Update I - E10
  • Legal Update II - E10
  • Part 1: Expert Mode Activation for TREC Addendums in 60 minutes! (Contract)
  • Part 2: Expert Mode Activation for TREC Addendums in 60 minutes! (Contract)
  • Part 3: Expert Mode Activation for TREC addendums in 60 Minutes! (Contract)
  • Realtors Uninsured: Almost all Realtors® Drive Uninsured Daily!
  • Uninsured Homes: When Insurance Will Jeopardize Your Closing
  • Weird, Wild, Whispered, and Wired Homes
  • Where did Yesterday Go? Get Your Life Back with EZ Time Management