Deans List

Dean's List! (All Academy Access) Bundle!

Legal Update 1& 2 + ALL Contracts + ALL Electives +Everything else we create!

Today your name is added to the top of the Dean's List, with no library fines, and you will always get an A+! Your graduation speech is already written and you are popular! Your prom date is the hottie, you have a key to the Coke machine!  Every class we offer is in this bundle and so is that 4.0 GPA!

25+ Hours of CE!

Was $172.25
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Your Bundle Includes: 

  • 5 Mistakes Inspectors Make Causing Your Home to Fail Inspection
  • Choosing the Wrong Home Inspector Jeopardizes Your Closing
  • Closing Issues? Understand Insurance in Simple English
  • Get Your UNFAIR Share of Referrals...Get them from Everyone
  • Legal Update I - E10
  • Legal Update II - E10
  • Part 1: Expert Mode Activation for TREC Addendums in 60 minutes! (Contract)
  • Part 2: Expert Mode Activation for TREC Addendums in 60 minutes! (Contract)
  • Part 3: Expert Mode Activation for TREC addendums in 60 Minutes! (Contract)
  • Realtors Uninsured: Almost all Realtors® Drive Uninsured Daily!
  • Uninsured Homes: When Insurance Will Jeopardize Your Closing
  • Weird, Wild, Whispered, and Wired Homes
  • What Every Agent MUST know about the 2020 Contract Changes (Contract)
  • Where did Yesterday Go? Get Your Life Back with EZ Time Management