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Broker Responsiblity 6 is Correspondence offering.

We know you leaders of the Real Estate World want to read this course at your own pace

Correspondence is a cool way of learning where you get to set your own pace.

Before diving into the course, you just need to read the textbook.  If you have already done so, then get started by affirming with the blue button that says "Correspondence"  If not, the button in the sidebar that says BR6 Textbook is your buddy..

As soon as you click the button, we mark the instruction parts of the complete leaving the fun interactive parts and quizzes.

And remember:  The interactives are your opinions, so we know you'll nail those, and the quizzes are designed to deepen your understanding, and never require a passing score.  So read up, dive in, and get smarter faster with BR6 Correspondence!

You got this!

Correspondence is an educational delivery allowing self-paced textbook read before starting the course. With TREA we convert the online class to Correspondence by marking most of the course complete. Generally, this only leaves interactives and quizzes for course completion.
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